A Community Service Program from Heartland REMC

Using voluntary monthly donations from Heartland REMC members, a trust fund has been set up with the goal of making a big difference with small change. By allowing the REMC to round up your monthly electric bill to the higher dollar amount each month, the extra pennies are contributed to the Heartland REMC Trust fund.  The Trust uses the money collected from Operation Round Up to provide financial assistance for people and projects within the Heartland REMC service area.


Those members who volunteer to participate in Operation Round Up agree to have their electric bill rounded up each month to the next higher dollar amount. Those few cents each month are deposited in a separate account. For example, if your bill this month is $81.75, the bill would automatically be rounded up to $82.00, and the extra 25¢ would be deposited in the Heartland REMC Trust fund. Each member’s donation amounts to an average of $6.00 per year.


The donations to the Heartland REMC Trust fund are distributed by a group of members appointed by, but operating independently of, Heartland REMC. Grant payment decisions are solely the responsibility of these independent trustees.


The trustees of the Heartland REMC Trust meet on a quarterly basis to review the grant applications and select which grants are funded. 100% of the Operation Round Up donations are given back to the community. The small administrative cost to run the program is paid by Heartland REMC.

How do I volunteer to contribute?

Members who wish to participate in Operation Round Up and have their electric bill rounded up each month may call our office at:

(260) 758-3155

How to Request Grant Assistance

Anyone interested in applying for an Operation Round Up Grant must complete an application form and submit it to the trustees of the Heartland REMC Trust. The completed grant application form will be reviewed at the next scheduled trustee meeting of Heartland REMC Trust.

Next Application Deadline: 
September 3, 2019

Grant Application Guidelines (PDF Format)

Organization Grant Application (PDF Format)

Individual Grant Application (PDF Format)

Emergency Assistance Grant Application (PDF Format)