Bringing High Speed Internet to our Heartland REMC Members


Interested in High Speed Internet?

High Speed Internet Service will soon be available for all homes and businesses served by Heartland REMC. The service is offered, billed and maintained by TWN Communications.  TWN has been in the telecomm industry for over 30 years with a mission to bring communication services to rural and underserved markets.

Time Line

We will begin building the system in the fall of 2019.  Our goal is to give all members access within five years.  Where we will build will be based on pre-registration requests for service.  


1 - Join the list for service at Once service becomes available in your area, we will notify you to complete the sign-up process.

2 - Please share this link with your neighbors to help drive interest in your community. Areas with the most interest will be targeted first.

3 - Sign up for updates to stay informed as this project progresses:


Plan Pricing 

All plan options come with UNLIMITED data, and one monthly fee. The proposed residential plans are:

25 Mbps (fixed wireless or fiber)
$49.95* per month 

50 Mbps (fiber)
$59.95* per month

100 Mbps (fiber)
$79.95* per month

1 Gbps (fiber)
$119.95* per month

*Prices are subject to change.


TWN Communications also offers digital phone service which includes UNLIMITED CALLS throughout the U.S. Internet/phone bundles will be available.