Residential Rebates

Please visit for the best rebates currently available to our members. 

If you do not qualify for a PowerMoves rebate, you may apply for the Heartland REMC rebates available below.  Members can only apply to one of the two: either PowerMoves or a Heartland REMC rebate, not both.

Water Heater/Heat Pump/Geothermal Rebate

  • Electric Water Heater (50 Gal. or larger)
    New construction or 10+ yrs. electric or gas replacement
    $100 Rebate

  • Geothermal
    $150/ton, Up to $750 maximum

  • Air Source Heat Pump (Min. 15 SEER)
    ARI Certificate required.
    $125/ton, Up to $625 maximum

Heartland REMC no longer sells water heaters.

Commercial & Industrial

Looking for rebates for your commercial or industrial business, school, or farm? All business rebates are listed at