We have several ways for you to pay your bill: we accept cash, check, money order, and Visa or MasterCard.


Nobody likes disruption of their electric service. Please be prompt with your payment each month. If your payment is delinquent and is not paid by the delinquent due date, we will be forced to disconnect your service, resulting in further service charges. Once disconnected, the current bill, past due bill, deposit (based on credit history), and collection fees must be paid before service will be restored.

If your check(s) is returned from the bank, there will be a fee and the service may be disconnected immediately.


You may pay your bill at our office during regular business hours (7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) at 350 Wedcor Avenue in Wabash or 4563 E Markle Rd. in Markle (located on US 224, West of I-69).

You may also drop off your payment before or after hours at the night deposit box outside our offices.

If you wish to mail your payment, please send it to:  P.O. Box 605 Markle, IN 46770-0605


Heartland REMC offers Online Bill Payment. You may choose to pay your bill online every month, or set-up recurring payments from your VISA or MASTERCARD. Once you have signed up for recurring payments, you will receive your statement each month with “RECURRING PAYMENT DO NOT PAY” across it. The recurring payment will be processed from your VISA or MASTERCARD on the due date except when the date falls on a holiday or weekend.  The payment is then processed the next business day after the holiday or weekend.

**If you are currently disconnected for non-payment, Online Bill Pay will NOT ensure reconnection.  Please call our office.


For members that have been on our lines for 12 months or more, a fixed payment plan may be available depending on payment history.  Under the fixed payment plan, Heartland REMC will bill you in eleven monthly installments equal to the average of your past monthly kilowatt usage. During the twelfth month, any credit or amount due will be reconciled. During month twelve, your budget amount may be adjusted to more accurately reflect your actual usage. May is always the twelfth month in our Fixed Payment Plan Cycle.  This makes May the best month to sign up as your fixed amount will be more accurate and will allow you a full year before the account is reconciled. 

When a given year is hotter and/or colder than normal, or when other factors change the kilowatt hour usage in your home, this plan may result in a higher-than-expected bill in the twelfth settlement month.

Email for more information.


You may pay your monthly electric bill using our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) option.  This program allows you to pay your bill directly from your bank account.  A one-time signed authorization from you is all that is required to start the program.  You will continue to receive a monthly billing statement prior to the due date for your records.  Your account must go through a bill calculation process before the recurring payment can take place.   The bill will indicate the amount due with the notation: “Recurring Payment, DO NOT PAY.”    Remember:  Open your mailed or emailed bill upon receipt each month.  If the notation does not appear on your bill, you will need to send in your payment by the due date.


As with all electronic payment, please review your bank or credit card statement carefully to confirm the accuracy of the EFT.  If you suspect that an unauthorized EFT has occurred, please contact your bank immediately.